We are the parents of three adorable little rascals... Franek, Tola and Mela. And our whole loony world revolves around them these days.

Our small family-run factory was established primarily out of love for people and the nature that surrounds us. But also because of the desire to create something unique. That is exactly what JOY Pressery products are.

We offer you 100% natural cold pressed juices. Healthy and unique. Just try them and you will love them as much as we do!



We are not slowing down and are constantly looking for progress :-)

Together with the nutritionist of young athletes, Patrycja Olejarczyk, we're preparing 100% natural peri-training juices that are the perfect completion of meals consumed before and after a workout. Because as you know, a well-balanced diet is just as important as phisical activity.

And that's only the beginning...


We got it! :-)

We have just started producing natural juices squeezed from fresh citrus fruit. To start with in four iconic versions... 100% orange, 100% pineapple, 100% red grapefruit, 100% mandarin.

It's delicious and very exotic! :-)


Bravo us! We are pleased to announce that JOY Pressery has been granted with the “Clean Label” certificate, which is highly valued among consumers.

The “Clean Label” certificate is awarded to local producers of products of natural origin, low-processed, without artificial additives and preservatives, and reliably labelled.

“Clean Label” is an emblem that unites the interests of nutrition-conscious consumers and responsible producers who are committed to food quality, sustainable production and best manufacturing practices, as well as responsible marketing.


At JOY Pressery we create perfect products for you... made with the best, always fresh, fruit and vegetables, based on the most exquisite recipes.

Our 100% natural cold pressed juices are not made from concentrate, they are free from water, sugar, artifical additives and preservatives. Thanks to this, the juices are a rich source of valuable vitamins and minerals, which is confirmed by "Clean label" certificate.

We do not improve nature, we simply take the best from it... n'JOY!

100% apple juices

100% citrus juices

100% organic juices

100% pressed oils

JOY'n us

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Or maybe a playroom, nursery, kindergarten or other place dedicated to children?

If you value the highest quality and are looking for 100% natural cold pressed juices, trust JOY Pressery!
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